About us


Founded by women for women, Tigeranx is on the mission to transform women into the fierce, confident Tigers they are. We want to make you extremely comfortable in your skin by making sexy, figure hugging activewear, designed in North-Europe, Estonia.



Hey gorgeous ! It's me, Ann-Kristiin. I am the founder of Tigeranx Sportswear. This brand was born because of my love for the tigers, gym and activewear. I was obsessed with ordering and trying every possible activewear that existed back then. But I realized there were not any activewear available back then, that were both functional, buttery soft AND fashionable. Plus it didn't feature my favourite animal, the Tiger.

So I started my own company in 2020 to make sure women like me had those options—without having to settle for something generic or run-of-the-mill.

Today, Tigeranx Sportswear offers unique, luxurious activewear in limited quantities right here on our website, 100% Estonian Design. Because Tiger is our favourite animal, symbolizing beauty, bravery and strength, we named our brand by it.