The logo of Tigress symbolizes woman who knows she has everything it takes to get what she wants. Confident, feminine and dangerous, aiming to achieve her goals whatever it takes. And so feels everyone who wears Tigeranx.

Definition of Tigress - a female tiger, also a fierce or passionate woman.


We're bringing the power of a Tigress to all women. She doesn't stop for anyone, not even herself. And that's exactly how we want women to feel when they slip into Tigeranx activewear.  


Here at Tigeranx we believe that You don't have to be perfect. You just have to be dangerous. Dangerously unstoppable, owning who you are—and we help women do that by providing sexy , figure complementing activewear with unquestionable quality. All our items carry the power of Tigress, ready to go for it without questioning herself.


Tigress is a movement. An attitude. A way of living with an unstoppable power and confidence. Together, we're making it possible for women all over the world to rise above their circumstances, overcome obstacles, achieve their dreams, and live life on their own terms.

"wear your power - unleash your tigress"


Hey gorgeous ! It's me, Ann-Kristiin. I am the founder of Tigeranx Sportswear. This brand was born because of my love for the felines, gym and activewear. I was obsessed with ordering and trying every possible activewear that existed back then. But I realized there were not any activewear available back then, that were both functional, buttery soft AND fashionable. Plus it didn't feature my favourite animal, the Tiger. I though it was important elemant to bring out the badass and feel like and elevated Queen. Because we all have days when we don't feel our best. Doubts and negative selftalk. We have all been there. So I found a mission to create something powerful and meaningful, which would help reclaim our power even at the worst days. Something that would UNLEASH THE TIGRESS !

So I started my own company in 2020 to make sure women like me had those options—without having to settle for something generic or run-of-the-mill. There's a feminine badass inside all of us and Tigress is here to unleash it!

Today, Tigeranx Sportswear offers unique, luxurious activewear in limited quantities right here on our website, 100% Estonian Design. Because Tiger is our favourite animal, symbolizing beauty, bravery and strength, we named our brand by it.